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The Watchung Mountains Yorkshire Terrier Club, Inc. 
is a registered 501(c)(7) Not-For-Profit organization.

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Watchung Mountains Yorkshire Terrier Club, Inc.

                                                           An AKC Licensed Specialty Breed Club Serving New Jersey
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The Watchung Mountains Yorkshire Terrier Club Mission Statement

Our club members strive to breed Yorkshire Terrier puppies to the American Kennel Club breed standard.  We do not mix breeds.  Nor do we support the use of terminologies such as Tea-Cup, micro or micro-mini, teeny, doll face, designer dogs or parti-colored Yorkies.

Our goal and priority is to breed healthy Yorkies, not puppies susceptible to hereditary and non-hereditary health issues. No puppy is free of genetic faults, but our members endeavor to breed Yorkies that will live a normal life span. Club members do not intentionally breed for undesirable traits.
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