Teresa Cuchiaro,  President
Claudia Pierro, Vice-President
Diane T. Stanley, 2nd Vice-President 
Lizeth Medina, Secretary
Gary Vega, Treasurer / Webmaster

The WMYTC is a registered 501(c)(7) Not-For-Profit organization
Not In My Back Yard is an internet comic strip featuring dogs of several breeds.  It is presented on our website with the permission of the artist.  Each week we will feature a different strip selected from the archives, focusing primarily on the adventures of the Yorkies Bip and Bap.  We are grateful to Dale Taylor for granting us the opportunity to share this comic strip with you.  You may wish to visit the artist's site at:    notinmybackyard.com
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Showing my Yorkie
Yorkies in Obedience
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Yorkies as Pets
Health Issues of Yorkies
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Watchung Mountains Yorkshire Terrier Club, Inc.

An AKC Licensed Specialty Breed Club Serving New Jersey

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See Ernie the Yorkie!
This link takes you to HULU.com
This link takes you to HULU.com

                                                           We celebrated our 30th Anniversay in 2015 and our club
                                                           was featured in the June '15 edition of Top Notch Toys!
                                                           Click the image to the left to read the article!

This link takes you to HULU.com
The Yorkshire Terrier Magazine
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Sunday, June 24 @ 2:00 PM
Awards Lunch @ the home of 
Diane & Jim Stanley

The Watchung Mountains Yorkshire Terrier Club's Specialty Shows
were held on Sunday, April 8, 2018!

​Our thanks to everyone who supported our club and entered our shows!
See Ernie the Yorkie!
Congratulations to our Club President
Teresa Cuchiaro
who was interviewed for the Breeder Forum in the Fall 2014 issue of 
The Yorkshire Terrier Magazine!

In a four-page interview,
Terri shared her insights and experiences
Breeding and Exhibiting
Yorkshire Terriers.